Our fixed fees include:

1. Preparation of the Contract of Sale and Section 32 (Vendors) statement;
2. Arranging for searches and certificates;
3. Liasing with your Real estate Agent;
4. Preparation of the Goods statement;
5. Co-ordinating with your lender, and sending any required documents to it;
6. Ensuring the transfer of land is received from the purchasers’
representative and accurate/complete;
7. Checking the adjustment of the rates/charges on the property between you and the
8. Attending settlement with all parties, ensuring cheques are correct;
9. Notifying the statutory authorities of the change in ownership of the property; and
10. Reporting to you and disbursing funds as directed.

What is not included in the fixed fee:

Charges levied by authorities for the provision of certificates/statements etc.
Owners Corporation certificates
Bank fees and charges
Fees for lodgement/withdrawal of caveats