Buying property

Whether it’s your very first family home or another addition to your portfolio, buying property is an exciting time. There is so much to consider, from the location and the type of property you want, to finding the right time to buy, to getting in on a good deal as soon as possible. Once you’ve found the right place, there’s still a lot to do – contracts, certificates, searches, guarantees, communicating with the other side, etc. Sometimes, it can seem a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep track of.

If you would rather focus on the more interesting aspects of moving home or establishing a good investment, and leave the paperwork to someone else, RJC can help. We provide comprehensive assistance with the buying process, from beginning to end. From before you even sign the contract, to the day you move into your new property (or hand over the keys to a tenant), we’re here to help.

RJC Land Transfer offers convenient and affordable fixed fees for property purchases, to make it easier for you to balance your budget.

Our fixed fees include:

1. Advising you on matters I highly recommend you investigate before signing a contract, or advising you on the contract once you have signed;
2. Arranging for searches and certificates;
3. Preparing a caveat to protect your interest in the property, if so requested;
4. Sending requisitions (questions about the property) to the vendors’ representatives, if applicable;
5. Co-ordinating with your lender, and sending any required documents to it;
6. Preparing the transfer of land;
7. Preparing an adjustment of the rates on the property between you and the vendors;
8. Arranging and attending settlement with all parties;
9. Notifying the statutory authorities of the change in ownership of the property; and
10. Reporting to you.

Our fixed fees do NOT include:

• Owners Corporation certificates
• Charges levied by authorities for the provision of certificates/statements etc.
• Inspection fees (e.g. building, architect, pest etc.)
• Fees for lodgement/withdrawal of caveats
• State Revenue Office Duty
• Land Victoria lodging fees
• Bank fees and charges