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Buying or selling a property is a big decision, which can become time consuming and confusing without the right help. With assistance from an experienced conveyancer, you can ensure all sales abide by current laws. RJC Land Transfer has the right experience when it comes to conveyancing services. Whether you are purchasing property or land, or interested in residential sales, our team can provide a reliable solution. Using our specific working knowledge, we thoroughly inform our clients and assist them throughout every aspect of the transaction process to ensure it is completed without issue.

At RJC, our main aim is to minimise inconvenience and cost for our clients. Offering fixed fee conveyancing to Kyneton residents, we are a budget friendly solution that provides immense peace of mind in what can be a difficult process. Helping clients navigate through the transaction, we offer reliable advice and information in regards to the options available and the current laws that may affect you.

Helping you buy or sell property and land

Specialising in property transactions, we assist clients looking to buy or sell. We work with clients looking in the business and residential sector, and can offer sound advice whether you are looking to move into a property yourself, add it to your portfolio or sell it to a prospective buyer. From advising you on laws and regulations to coordinating with lenders and real estate agents, we ensure everything is carried out the way it should be, without disruption.

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If you would like more information on our fixed fee conveyancing services and what is included, please get in touch with our helpful staff who will happily discuss your specific situation with you. Please call 0414 868 814 for services in Kyneton, Woodend or Heathcote.